Lock Collectors Hall of Fame


Nominatons of Candidates


Typically one person is inducted annually into the Lock Collectors Hall of Fame. Anyone may submit a name for consideration to be inducted (see contact information at bottom of page).

Evaluation Attributes

Following are some attributes that are considered when evaluating a nominee for induction into the Hall of Fame:

  • Was the candidate a pioneer?
  • Does the candidate nurture new collectors?
  • Is the candidate an ambassador of good will for the hobby?
  • Does the candidate share information with fellow collectors?
  • Does the candidate place the general good of the hobby above His/Her own ambitions and collecting habits?
  • Is the candidate of good character?
  • Is the candidate a publisher of locking devices?
  • Is the candidate a designer of Locking Devices?
  • Is the candidate a manufacturer of Locking Devices?
  • Is profit the primary objective of the candidate?

Organizational Members


Jon J. Kolozvary – Treasurer
Open – Secretary

Board of Directors

Richard Bruno
Charles W. Chandler
Bob Dix
Tom Gallian
Bob Heilemann
Tom Hennessey Jr.
Joe Kingsmill
Mike Pitman
David Rankl
Pete Schaefer
Howard Smith


Scott B. Caley

Getting Involved

Becoming an Organizational Member

If you have interest in becoming an Officer or Board Member of the Lock Collectors Hall of Fame, please express your interest to the contact person listed at the bottom of this page.


Although we are run completely by volunteers, and make every effort to keep things efficient, we do appreciate donations to keep things running. To make a donation please express your interest to the contact person listed at the bottom of this page.